Certified Stakeholder Relations Network

Vertalo is a cross-chain platform for Security Token issuances that enables broker-dealers, issuers, and their investors to visually manage portfolio data related to communications, compliance, and eligibility with an end goal of real-time liquidity.

How It Works in Three Simple Steps


Step One:

  • Register your project in Vertalo.
  • Perform KYC/AML and accreditation checks on investors.
  • Certify relationships with your advisors, investors, contributors.


Step Two:

  • Issue your compliant security tokens.
  • Adhere to lock-ups and trading restrictions as required in your jurisdictions.
  • Manage stakeholder communication, cap table, audit tracking, and document retention.


Step Three:

  • Notify token holders of distributions, dividends, or other stakeholder communications.
  • Connect and network with stakeholders and peers.
  • Perform and pass diligence for projects and investors.

Latest News

Vertalo, Polymath help token issuers with compliance

Vertalo, Polymath help token issuers with compliance

August 13, 2018

NXT Alpha

VerifyInvestor.com joins Vertalo Partner Network to help drive security token eligibility

Blockchain-based stakeholder registry platform for security token offerings Vertalo has announced its partnership with VerifyInvestor.com, a platform created to authenticate investors or allow investors to authenticate themselves.

August 6, 2018


Why Would Anyone Still Use a SAFT?

In the summer of 2017, as blockchain DApp and Protocol projects rushed to write white papers and harness the power of the ICO (initial coin offering) to raise non-dilutive funding from ‘contributors’, there was a sudden need for documents to support these efforts. With millions of dollars being raised prior to product development or often incorporation, project leaders and their advisors sought methods to short-circuit the expense and time-consuming processes that had preceded the ICO era. Enter the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens).

August 3, 2018


Evolution of Vertalo, 2016 & Beyond


Summer 2016

Concept developed By Dave Hendricks, William Baxter, and Gautam Gujral.


Feb 2017

SeriesX founded and begins raising a Friends-and-Family round.
• $2.7 million pre-money
• $3.2 million post-money

Apr 2017

Accepted into Capital Factory Accelerator.

July 2017

Launched Registry Platform in private beta.
Decide to refactor platform to incorporate blockchain-based Stints.

Aug 2017

Started work on Whitepaper and Tokenomics
Accepted into Texas Venture Labs Accelerator.

Sep 2017

Accepted into VenturexCrushFG.

Oct 2017

Implemented certification on Ethereum Rinkeby testnet.

Nov 2017

Started raising Seed-2 Preferred round.
• $5 million pre-money
• $6.5 million post-money

Dec 2017

Established Vertalo SEZC subsidiary in Cayman Islands.


Jan 2018

Transferred SeriesX IP to Vertalo.
Added support for MetaMask.

Feb 2018

Developed upgradable Talos V1 platform utility token for compliance with securities regulations.

Mar 2018

Distributed Talos V1 tokens to Vertalo and SeriesX partners.
Runner up in SXSW Blockchain Challenge.

Apr 2018

Vertalo PPM and security token offering documents completed. Start private sale of Vertalo Equity Security Token (VEST).

Jun 2018

Develop Talos V2 for private-placement buyers.

October 2018

Private sale of Vertalo Equity Security Token (VEST) and TALOS network tokens

Third Quarter 2018

Launch private beta.

Fourth Quarter 2018

Launch with strategic partner


Second Quarter 2019

Vertalo public launch.
Projected VEST token lock-up ends.

and beyond...


Dave Hendricks

Dave has been named one of New York's top technology innovators by Business Insider. Hendricks worked with co-founding partner and CTO of Vertalo, William Baxter in 2000 at ExperianCheetahMail where they pioneered the self-service data-driven email marketing, transforming the company into one of the top providers of e-marketing services in the email industry.

Dave Hendricks

CEO & Co-Founder
William Baxter

William is the CTO and Co-Founder of SeriesX, an incubator for Future of Work and corroborated social identity-focused blockchain initiatives. Prior to Vertalo, William earned his PhD in Math from UC Berkeley. His seasoned career boasts Stints as the VP of Technology at Experian CheetahMail where he took a startup to the world's largest email marketing platform.

William Baxter

CTO & Co-Founder
Gautam Gujral

Gautam represented the Prime Services department at Credit Suisse on a senior management level and as a member of the Prime Services Management Team.

Gautam Gujral

General Counsel & Co-Founder


Eric Stewart

Eric Stewart is a software-focused technologist who has served as a developer, lead, architect, coach, trainer, speaker, manager, and mentor for more than 20 years. With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, Eric has delivered products and services during Stints at companies including Nirvana Systems and Mumboe led software architecture at RenewData. He recently had a more entrepreneurial Stint as the first employee and CTO of Agile Velocity before starting a consulting practice, but the opportunity to help create a more decentralized world with SeriesX was hard to pass up.

Eric Stewart

Ed Gomez

Ed is a legal professional with over twenty-five years of experience in IP litigation, counseling, portfolio management, strategic planning, acquisition, divestiture and licensing, and experience in corporate governance and public company reporting.

Ed Gomez

Legal (Patent, Structures)
Karl Llewellyn

Karl has envisioned, designed and created online user experiences for over 15 years. He has delivered great experiences across a wide range of industries, from social networks, e-commerce to financial services. In recent stints at JP MorganChase and Bank of America, he was involved in delivering solutions at scale while building talented, agile-focused teams in the process. Karl holds a BFA from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Karthik Srinivasan

Karthik has extensive experience in financial and strategic analysis. He executed numerous transactions as an investment banker at DLJ and in corporate development at Yahoo. He has also invested in multiple layers of the capital structure across industries at various hedge funds and at Bain Capital.

Karthik Srinivasan

Finance, Operations
Stephen Karaga

Stephen graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Management. Stephen has worked been working professionally with Javascript technologies for the last four years with full-stack experience. He is deeply passionate about working with the technical and practical aspects of Blockchain technology and its transformative potential for improving society.

Stephen Karaga

Paras Shah

Paras has built and been a part of two SaaS companies focused in the oil and gas space at very early stages. With a degree in International Trade & Finance from Louisiana State University, Paras has been enamored with traditional and cryptocurrency markets for several years.

Paras Shah

Ian Defilippi

Ian analyzes token economics, network valuation, and token sale structuring. After a 9 year stint as a technology consultant in corporate finance, he discovered blockchain and jumped into the rabbit hole of token issuance and tokenomics. Ian helps companies in the blockchain space to see things through an economic lens. He holds an MBA with a concentration in finance from Texas McCombs, and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Catholic University of Peru.

Ian Defilippi

Token Economics


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