What is a Digital Transfer Agent?

As a Digital Transfer Agent, Vertalo, an SEC Registered Transfer Agent (TA), incorporates advanced technology, including API connections, attractive user interfaces, and active transfer agent registration to provide a suite of services, under a single, secure and integrated platform, including:

  • Shareholder registry management tools and interfaces
  • Monitor issuances and transfers
  • Act as an intermediary for dividends and payments
  • Maintains a ledger of stakeholders
  • Facilitates proxy votes
  • Handles payments and settlement
  • Enables tokenization of securities and private assets, including REITs
  • Creates encrypted and immutable ownership records
  • Provides investors with keyless wallets
  • Enables investors to access their ownership records through a web-based user interface using their email address and password
  • Initiate changes in protocol (chain swap)

How do Digital Transfer Agents differ from Traditional Transfer Agents?

Vertalo enables Digital Asset Management.

Vertalo, as a DTA, provides the services of a traditional Transfer Agent, with the additional benefit of digital enablement. Vertalo connects and empowers issuers within the Security Token Ecosystem.

Vertalo provides Issuers with the flexibility to tokenize their offering either before or after issuance and maintain both traditional and digital securities in their cap table and shareholder registry.

The result is that Issuers future-proof their offerings in a Digital Age. Vertalo’s further empowers Issuer through Vertalo’s connectivity to Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs), Custodians, Broker-Dealers, RIAs, Token Issuance Platforms, Escrow Services and KYC/AML and Accreditation Services.

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