Own Your Data. See More Deals. Eliminate Whitelists.

Investing in blockchain-based offerings is made easy when you register with Vertalo. As the investor, we give you the power to bring your KYC/AML and eligibility data to any deal, instantaneously.

You only register once, and then your investor profile is available to our network of broker-dealers, issuers, and exchanges. There’s no need to join any whitelist because Vertalo writes your eligibility status to the blockchain, and makes it available to our network of partners.

If your investor status ever changes, you simply update your Vertalo profile and everyone we are connected with is updated.

Want to trade your security? You can because Vertalo tracks eligibility and wallet ownership, enabling exchanges to easily connect a qualified buyer to your sell ask. This is the digital asset liquidity you hoped for.

Once you register, you also have access to Vertalo’s portfolio management feature, giving you a consolidated view of all your holdings, across all of your registered wallets. There’s no need to jump from one platform to another.