Free Cap Tables. Faster Deal Cycles. Instant Investor Eligibility.

As a deal maker, you understand the importance of reducing overhead, improving cycle times, increasing margins, and maintaining compliance.

The Vertalo Registry reduces costs for Broker dealers by eliminating spreadsheets and multi-sig wallets from the back-office and offer process. Vertalo’s registration process and cap table eliminate repetitive and risky data entry for broker-dealers and make it easier to execute offerings.

Vertalo’s Investor Registry and Cap Table platform connects broker-dealers to stakeholders and other platforms across the digital asset ecosystem. Vertalo’s Investor Registration Mechanism helps Broker-Dealers establish a connection between investors and the wallets they use to fund and receive tokens.

Once investors have completed a broker-dealer’s branded registration process, they are automatically added to a deal cap table, and the investor can use their wallet for other deals, fund projects, receive tokens, or connect with the broker-dealer to exchange tokens via an ATS.