Why Vertalo for Tokenized Real Estate?

Vertalo delivers on what savvy real estate owners want:

- Transparent data

- Beautiful investor relationship management processes

- Faster back-office administration

- Simple and reliable compliance

Why Vertalo for Tokenized Real Estate?

Investor Relations

This is because Real Estate general partners spend a great deal of time on investor relations, as there has typically not been a transparent cap table management solution. Vertalo can reduce time and funds spent on client relationship management by providing accurate and accessible ownership records and data to all parties involved.

Operational Costs

Real Estate owners stress the importance of reducing overhead, reducing cycle times, increasing margins, and maintaining compliance. Reducing unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies will lead to a higher NOI for properties, which will increase returns, sale price, and create more money that can be spent on building improvements.

The Vertalo Transfer Agent and shareholder registry platform drives value for Real Estate owners by reducing operational costs with revenue-generating investor management and onboarding technology, and eliminating third party costs for ownership transfers.

Compliance & Liability

Vertalo’s registration process and cap table management eliminate repetitive and error-prone data entry for Real Estate owners, making it easier to execute sales and ownership transfers. Vertalo’s investor onboarding workflow makes it simple to verify KYC/AML information, and confirm investor accreditation and eligibility.

For any sale or transfer of ownership, Vertalo’s platform can produce an auditable ledger of transactions as a deliverable for buyers, current owners, and other various third parties.

Digital Assets

For Real Estate owners that want to issue digital assets following a sale/purchase, Vertalo provides the only analog-to-digital transfer agent and cap table platform that can tokenize an offering immediately at the time of closing, or at any point before or after.

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