Our Digital Asset Cap Table platform makes managing investor relations and compliance for digital assets (STOs and ICOs) easier and more cost efficient

Investor Onboarding & Registration

Spreadsheets and Google Typeforms don't cut it for compliant investor on-boarding.

Designed in conjunction with leading Broker-Dealers and Custody Platforms, the Vertalo Registry Application onboards and connects an investor to their proven, unique Ethereum Wallet. Our platform then adds investor’s error-free data to the issuer’s branded cap table.

Broker-Dealers: License + Whitelabel Vertalo!

‘Carta for Crypto'

Whether you want to manage investor relations or just lock up your team's tokens, Vertalo can do it better than a spreadsheet.

Vertalo has developed an on-chain cap table for compliant digital asset offerings. Compatible today with all Ethereum-based tokens (including all proprietary issuance platforms like CAT-20, ST-20, DS, and R-Tokens), the Vertalo Cap Table is designed to help issuers manage their investor community. The Vertalo Cap Table can be implemented before, during, or after a primary issuance.

Digital Asset Portfolio

Why are you still looking for your tokens using Etherscan?

After an investor participates in a Vertalo-driven onboarding process, they are automagically provided with a Vertalo Portfolio account. The Vertalo Portfolio connects the investor to the issuer and associated exchanges. Additionally, you can add any ERC-20 asset (and soon hashgraph, neo, etc.) to your portfolio.

A Real User Interface for Real Users.

ICO Remediation

Did you issue an ICO in the USA? Did you receive a letter from the SEC? If you want to clean up and organize your offering in response to an SEC order, Vertalo’s platform can help.