Enabling leaders in digital asset issuance

Digital assets offer attractive benefit to companies and their investors. However, the cost of designing, developing and maintaining a digital asset platform is beyond the resources of most companies. For service providers who want to resell digital asset technology, the option of buying or licensing from providers is cost prohibitive. As a result, firms are unable to provide the benefits of digital assets to their issuer clients in a cost-effective manner. Through the VDN program, Vertalo is granting access to its technology platform to participating companies to build their digital asset business.

Enabling leaders in digital asset issuance

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Barriers to entry for technology resellers must fall for adoption of digital assets to improve. To address this need, Vertalo is introducing the Vertalo Distribution Network (VDN). VDN provides a comprehensive technology, product, and service digital asset platform that enables companies to build a successful digital asset business, without incurring upfront software development or licensing costs. Most importantly, VDN enables a participant to scale their digital business without limitation to the number of their issuer clients, deals or investors.

Through the VDN program, Vertalo is granting access to its technology platform to participating companies to build their digital asset business. By externalizing the deal flow and discovery process to resellers, Vertalo acts as a sales and business development partner to companies and entrepreneurs to facilitate their success and catalyze the adoption of digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VDN benefit my digital asset platform business?

Digital asset business development initiatives require a sophisticated digital asset technology platform that provides a suite of services, including digital cap table management, tokenization, integration with digital service providers, and investor interfaces (UX/UI) that confirm identity and ownership. The cost of developing or licensing a digital asset platform technology is beyond the resources of most companies. VDN helps companies start or accelerate the growth of your digital asset platform business by providing access to Vertalo’s digital technology platform - without upfront development or licensing costs.

What do I pay to join VDN as a participant?

VDN’s benefits do not cost the participant any upfront fees. VDN participants sign up for access to the Vertalo platform without upfront cost for demo and business development. Upon closing revenue-producing digital business, VDN participants can enter into a preferred-price Vertalo Production licensing agreement to support their revenue-producing digital clients. VDN enables participants to successfully execute their digital business development initiatives without incurring digital asset platform costs until revenue is generated.

What is expected of me as a VDN participant?

VDN participants must make a time commitment to learn how to use and demo the Vertalo platform to clients. While the Vertalo platform is easy to use, there is no substitute for the learning process. The time you invest in mastering the Vertalo system training program (which is easy) will pay significant dividends in your business development activity. The reason is that your clients will learn to trust you as their go-to digital asset advisor and rely on the breadth of your digital asset expertise. Those who skip or short-cut the Vertalo training and education program are much less likely to become an effective voice for client adoption of digital assets.

When do I start paying for Vertalo’s services and how much do I pay?

Vertalo’s goal is to make your digital platform business into a great success. VDN participants start paying for the use of the Vertalo platform only after closing business, generating revenues and moving assets into Production on the Vertalo platform. These costs are through Vertalo’s licensing and subscription schedules.

Does VDN provide any special support to real estate providers?

Yes, Vertalo Real Estate (VRE) provides specialized expertise to real estate platforms in the secure and efficient creation, issuance, and management of digital real estate assets. VRE provides the most fluid and practical digital functionality needed for real estate capital raising, asset governance, automated compliance, investor management, and custodial solutions.

Isn’t it expensive for Vertalo to offer the VDN program without a cost to VDN Participants?

VDN signifies Vertalo’s confidence in the emerging Digital Asset Ecosystem and desire to align with the emerging winners. Through the VDN program, Vertalo gives away access to its technology platform to participating companies to accelerate the growth of their digital asset business. By externalizing the deal flow and diligence functions to its partners, Vertalo becomes a technology and sales partner to digital platform companies and real estate entrepreneurs to facilitate their success and to catalyze the adoption of digital assets. The result is that VDN’s digital asset platforms and Vertalo cooperate in close fashion to facilitate the mass adoption of digital assets for the benefit of investors, issuers, industries and society at large.

What training and support resources does Vertalo provide to assist me?

The VDN program provide extensive training resources, including: A series of short, focused Vertalo training videos. These videos are placed in order and are available to new companies joining VDN, for VDN participants who need a refresher on a subject, and for new employees at VDN companies who need to come up to speed on VDN. Regularly scheduled AMA (Ask Me Anything) webinars for questions related to the VDN program. Regularly scheduled Sales Success webinars where successful sales techniques and tactics are shared among VDN participants. FAQs to help answer the most commonly-asked questions. Your Vertalo Sandbox account for you to learn how to use the Vertalo system and demo digital assets and processes to your clients and prospects.

Do I remain a member of VDN after I begin to generate revenue?

Yes, you remain a member of VDN after you move your client’s digital assets to Production on the Vertalo system. You keep your Sandbox account for learning and demo purposes and also can use all of VDN’s training resources. The only difference is that you are now generating revenue from digital asset transactions!

How do I bring new employees up-to-speed on VDN?

VDN’s training resources are designed to help new employees quickly come up-to-speed on the VDN program and the Vertalo system.

How do I keep up with new functionality in the Vertalo system?

VDN provides training videos that demonstrate and explain new functionality in the Vertalo system.

Am I permitted to reference Vertalo and VDN in my sales materials?

Yes, but only to the extent that these materials are reviewed and approved by Vertalo prior to their use.

How does VDN support me if I come across special situations?

Special situations are common in today’s digital asset ecosystem. What is special today may be common tomorrow. VDN personnel, including Allan Chiulli for Institutional business and Alex beckman for Real Estate, are available to help you sort out the opportunity with respect to viability, pricing and a go/no go decision. Additional Vertalo personnel can be brought into the discussion on an as-needed basis.

How do I reach out to and learn from other members of the VDN community?

The sense of community in VDN is extremely important to Vertalo. So, we have several resources to help develop community among VDN members: AMAs (Ask Me Anything) webinars, where open discussions are encouraged among the community. Sales Success webinars, where VDN members can share and ask questions about successful sales strategies, tactics and experiences with other members. Vertalo Telegram channel, where members can ask for and receive advice and information on a real-time basis. Vertalo will likely add additional community development resources over time in response to great suggestions for VDN participants.

How do I sign up for VDN?

Signing up for VDN is simple: Blake Richmond, Vertalo’s VP Finance, will email you DocuSign package from Series X (Vertalo’s corporate parent) with an agreement composed of three parts: 1) MOU detailing the VDN activity 2) Boilerplate section from Vertalo as a B2b SaaS enabling you to use the Vertalo platform and 3) A Mutual NDA (MNDA). You can electronically sign this package and we will be in touch with you shortly thereafter with next steps.

Who do I contact at Vertalo for more information about VDN?

Please set up a Discovery call through our website: https://www.vertalo.com/about/contact?

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