Vertalo's Passport API for Travel-Rule Compliant Trading

Vertalo gives you a ‘passport’ for trading blockchain-based digital assets through portable eligibility. You bring your eligibility status to any deal you’re interested in, instantly enabling you to trade security tokens across our partner network.

When you travel across borders, you present a passport to gain admittance. Your passport proves you are eligible to leave one country and visit another. It shows you are who you say you are, that you can be trusted.

You have control over it and can take it with you to visit multiple countries around the world. When it’s time to board your next flight, you don’t need to ask for someone’s permission.

Portable Eligibility

Offers the following:

- Lowers hurdles to investors

- Streamlines eligibility approval process

- Eliminates delays between interest and investment

Advantages of Portable Eligibility

  • Eliminates Whitelists

    Eliminates Whitelists

    No more registering in advance of, or maintaining expensive and cumbersome whitelists, prior to purchasing a digital asset.

  • Maintain Compliance

    Maintain Compliance

    Vertalo’s approach upholds traditional principles of legal responsibility, as KYC/AML and accreditation status are maintained by the original issuer of securities.

  • Own Your KYC/AML

    Own Your KYC/AML

    Your eligibility status is tied to your Vertalo account or any Vertalo-supported wallet, giving you ownership over your eligibility going into every trade.

  • Simplify Trading

    Simplify Trading

    Buyers and sellers are both ready for trade with eligibility in hand rather than going through a lengthy KYC/AML process yet again, just before trading.

Come to the Table Pre-Approved

By placing stakeholder eligibility on-chain, Vertalo makes it possible for the buyer and seller to come to the trade with their eligibility already in hand. They don’t have to go through any type of process to re-verify eligibility before the trade can be executed.

The buyer doesn’t have to be placed on a whitelist at the exchange or on a coded whitelist for the security token itself, which can be impossible when trying to buy. Portable eligibility enables them to buy without being coded into the whitelist.

Vertalo ties your eligibility status directly to your blockchain wallet and creates a linkage with our partner network of trading platforms. Eligibility can be read instantly on an exchange and compliant trades are allowed to take place immediately.

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