Compliance Across any Blockchain or Protocol

Tezos, Ethereum, others coming soon.

Tezos is Vertalo’s preferred chain, but Vertalo works with a variety of digital asset protocols, including Ethereum and various testnet protocols.

Chain Swap & Upgrade

Easily move between chains with Vertalo's instantaneous Chain Swap

Vertalo simplifies blockchain swaps for private issuers to move from one blockchain protocol to another (i.e. from ETH to XTZ). Sometimes your issuance needs to be fixed or upgraded. Contact Vertalo if you’ve previously issued a token but are looking at a token upgrade or chain swap.

Chain Swap & Upgrade

Options for Existing Offerings

Seamless user experience for private issuers

Vertalo can onboard previously tokenized offerings that have been issued on the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. As the data management platform, Vertalo is designed to be implmented at any point during your company’s life cycle.

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