Vertalo's Cap Table and Transfer Agent Platform

Vertalo's SEC-registered transfer agent platform streamlines and secures the data on the cap table through a sophisticated set of smart contracts that update entries based on on-chain confirmations.

Smart companies maintain accurate stakeholder registries. Your current investors want to know that you are keeping accurate ownership records. Your potential investors need to understand who already owns shares in the company. Your employees are counting on you to track their options vesting. If you don't know who owns the company, things can go wrong very quickly.

Traditionally, cap tables can be difficult to manage. As more investors and shareholders join your company, share dilution and issuance results in an increasingly complex cap table. That's where Vertalo comes in.

  • Built on Blockchain for Increased Security, Accuracy & Functionality

    The advent of blockchain technology has opened up a world of possibilities in business and cybersecurity, allowing for increased transparency and security as well as innovation in the creation of digital assets.

  • Connected to Secondary Markets

    The on-chain cap table provides users with an unprecedented level of liquidity, making trade eligibility and ownership status portable. The increased level of transparency enhances buyer and seller connectivity, making it possible for trustworthy and accurate secondary markets to thrive.

  • Streamlined Shareholder Management

    Vertalo allows for a smooth onboarding process for new shareholders. Uploading data to the blockchain is straightforward, and your data is secure and easy to access at all times.

More Than Just Cap Table Management

  • Top Level Security
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Sleek Management Tool

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