Connecting the Security Token Ecosystem

  • Custody

    Vertalo maintains custodial partnerships and provides keyless wallets, allowing users to hold tokens without confusing private key management.

  • Trading

    Vertalo is integrated with Alternative Trading Systems and exchanges to empower users with options for secondary liquidity.

  • Issuance

    Vertalo's chain-agnostic approach to issuance allows companies to quickly tokenize securities and distribute digital assets.

  • Broker-Dealer

    Vertalo's Broker-Dealer partners help their clients make deals while enjoying instant investor eligibility, faster deal cycles, and blockchain cap tables.

  • Compliance

    Vertalo's compliance partners provide KYC/AML upon registration and deliver portable eligibility for all trades, eliminating whitelists and saving time.

  • Legal

    Vertalo works with financial, tax, and securities law firms to ensure compliance across all activities.

Connecting the Security Token Ecosystem

The Security Token Ecosystem Changes Rapidly

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