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"Clear Rating is paving the way as the valuation and rating leader for privately held financial instruments. Through the combination of intelligent information and a proprietary valuation model, Clear Rating will allow primary and secondary investors to receive transparent and robust reports on prospective investments. This will ultimately facilitate greater liquidity, pricing, and understanding within private markets."

- James C. Row, Managing Partner, Clear Rating

About ClearRating:

Clear Rating, LLC is a specialized valuation, ESG review, and digital instrument rating service for private companies and projects. The valuations and ratings provide Investors with the information to help them make informed and reasoned decisions. The objective is to develop clear assessment standards for issuing companies and assign ratings based on transparent and standardized scales.

ClearRating Media:

Valuation Is Now Even More Important In Alternative Investments

If private placement valuation was important and considered as an option in 2019, it has become a requirement in 2020. In fact, any alternative investment must undertake an updated valuation to be relevant. In a normal year, private securities transactions are discussed and negotiated based on pre- and post-money valuations.

Valuation Is Now Even More Important In Alternative Investments

This Week at Entoro: News and Deal Updates

Entoro Capital would like to thank Spencer Tillman once again for being the Master of Ceremonies and a panelist at our Professional Athletes and Family Offices Unite for Impact event last February. During the event, Mr. Tilllman informed the attendees about the Lombardi Foundation, which supports amateur athletics and leadership to youth and adults worldwide.

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