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About AirSwap:

AirSwap enables peer-to-peer trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Built on a decentralized protocol, traders can add or remove liquidity through a suite of trustless products that are easy to use and free. Our mission is to empower the world with frictionless trade.

AirSwap Media:

ConsenSys Acquires Fluidity - Primary Developer Team Behind AirSwap

ConsenSys - the Brooklyn-based Ethereum venture studio - acquired Fluidity, the team behind the Airswap DEX, and multiple asset tokenization technologies for the DeFi ecosystem. AirSwap was initially founded as a joint venture between ConsenSys and Fluidity back in 2017.

What is AirSwap? - Decrypt

AirSwap is a platform for peer-to-peer trading of Ethereum tokens , which means that users trade their tokens directly with each other. The platform is decentralized because AirSwap does not control the users' funds and trading execution is done via smart contracts .

What is AirSwap?

P2P crypto trading network AirSwap introduces on-chain limit order feature " CryptoNinjas

AirSwap, a peer-to-peer trading network built on Ethereum, has introduced AirSwap Delegates, the feature allows everyday traders to configure on-chain

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