The Vertalo V-Token takes the risk out of the tokenization process.

Most issuance platforms require issuers to pay upfront, then wait for up to 12 weeks while they write, test, and deploy the smart contracts that will govern your tokenized security. Vertalo feels this is completely backwards, instead recommending Issuers raise funds or onboard their existing cap table, tokenize and issue a placeholder V-Token, start the seasoning clock for their asset or security, and then during that seasoning period, have the tradeable smart contracts created, tested, and ready for deployment upon completion of the seasoning.

Vertalo believes the tokenization of an issue is a commodity business and, as such, the process of tokenization should be fast, easy and low cost. Months become minutes using the easy-to-create Vertalo V-Token and significant upfront tokenization costs are reduced and relegated to minor updates later to accomodate the issuer's chosen trading venue.

Why the V-Token?

The V-Token architecture and implementation allows Issuers to focus on fundraising right now, and moves tokenization from a necessity to an option, at a later date. Reg D, an exemption from securities registration which many Issuers in the United States utilize, requires a 12-month lockup period, during which the design, restrictions, and governance of a tradable token can be created and put in place. Meanwhile, Reg S offerings can also be subject to lockups periods, depending on the U.S. regulators’ perceived risk of the securities leaking back into the U.S..

Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on tokenization costs before raising funds, Issuers who work with Vertalo can focus on the fundraise, and leave tokenization and costly smart contract writing, auditing, and issuance, until after the funds have been raised and are able to be deployed. Or, if the token is not listed for trading, many of these upgrading costs are avoided altogether. With the rapid pace of technological development, the V-Token architecture ensures upgradability to the latest token designs and legal requirements.

Vertalo V-Token Benefits

  • Tokenize When Ready

    Tokenize When Ready

    Turn the process into minutes rather than months

  • Focus on Fundraising

    Focus on Fundraising

    Don't let smart contracts and token issuance distract from the real matter of raising funds

  • Defer Costs of Tokenization

    Defer Costs of Tokenization

    Wait until fundraising is completed before spending money on tokenization and ATS listing

  • Tokenize Instantaneously

    Tokenize Instantaneously

    No need to postpone the start period for seasoning assets

  • Utilize Vertalo's Sandbox

    Utilize Vertalo's Sandbox

    Model and test your issuance in a sandbox environment on testnets before deploying to a mainnet

  • Tokenize Any Type of Security

    Tokenize Any Type of Security

    New or existing securities, real estate, debt, or any other asset class can be tokenized through Vertalo

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