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For seasoned cryptocurrency users, keeping track of multiple keys for multiple security tokens may seem like no big deal, but most investors don’t want to keep track of all that information.

Vertalo acts as a trusted Transfer Agent for your investors’ digital holdings, without a reliance on confusing and complicated cryptographic wallets.

For investors, keyless wallets from Vertalo means you can simply log-in and access all of your digital assets for viewing or trading without bothersome crypto keys. Vertalo provides access to custodial wallets, giving you easy access to your assets.

For issuers, keyless wallets from Vertalo means you don’t have to deal with issuing long and confusing crypto keys to every single investor.

Keyless Wallets from Vertalo:

  • Provides Secure Wallet for Investors
  • Gives Visibility Into Ownership On-Chain
  • Eliminates Need to Understand Blockchain, Wallets, and Private Keys
No more investors worried about private key management.

Secure and Effortless Digital Transactions

Keyless wallets enable seamless transactions for issuers and investors, making digital asset utilization easier to adopt for non-crypto savvy investors who don’t have time or desire to learn complex cryptography and blockchain technology. Keyless wallets maintain all of the security features of blockchain technology intact but make the keys invisible and unnecessary to store and use. This makes blockchain-based digital assets accessible to the masses.

Cryptographic private keys can be easily lost. Hard drives can crash, hardware wallets can be lost, and paper can be damaged or destroyed. When private keys are lost, the results are devastating, as funds are no longer accessible and are lost forever. With keyless wallets, an issuer can protect investors from the loss of their securities as investors cannot lose their tokens on their own.

Secure and Effortless Digital Transactions

Vertalo Provides Easier Access...

In traditional capital markets, investors would have to go to a broker-dealer before investing in a company that would need to find a way to give access to the investor while also having a legal way of providing assets. With keyless entry, you can digitize private assets and put the entire offering on a blockchain, making it quick and easy for investors to buy and sell shares.

Blockchain-savvy investors can have self-custody and maintain public and private keys for their tokens, but Vertalo opens the door for less savvy users. Keyless wallets are exciting and easy to use because they remove the hassle of issuing keyed wallets to investors. Those looking for a qualified and trusted custodian can easily open an account with our centralized custody partners. For the less tech-savvy investors, it completely hides the fact that they are using a blockchain.

...So You Maintain More Control

For issuers, Vertalo’s keyless wallet technology allows you to designate controller function access to qualified parties such as an ATS, transfer agents, or brokers. It also lets you set allowances for individuals to move their tokens to another platform of choice.

The controller feature of keyless custodial wallets makes everything easier for everybody. The blockchain wallet is invisible to the investor and it helps the issuer control what assets can be placed in the wallet. In many ways, it mirrors the current state of the financial world, but with digital assets. The inner-workings are all on blockchain, but you don’t have to engage with the more confusing aspects of blockchain to take advantage of the benefits.

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