Insure Your Digital Asset Offering

Vertalo has partnered with Assurely to provide insurance for their clients and their respective tokenized offerings.

Insure Your Digital Asset Offering

Assurely's TigerMark Insurance for Digital Issuers

In an age of digital fraud, emerging technologies, and bad actors, the importance of proper coverage and insurance for private issuances is hugely important. This insurance provides peace of mind to both issuers and investors within the security token ecosystem.

This partnership integrates Assurely’s TigerMark insurance product to offer maximum coverage and guarantee protection, safety, and confidence for all issuers who use Vertalo for security token issuance.

TigerMark from Assurely

  • Tailor-made insurance product that benefits issuing companies and their investors, protecting against covered investor complaints and lawsuits.
  • Fast and easy recourse, at no cost, for investors who’ve been harmed by misuse of funds or misrepresentations

How This Benefits Vertalo's Issuers

  • Assurely customizes risk products to exactly what issuers need

  • TigerMark protects issuers, as well as providing specific benefits for their investors

  • Assurely deploys its TigerMark insurance policy in an instantaneous, automated, and application-free purchasing process

  • With TigerMark insured offerings, Investors have a simple principal investment resolution process, accessible within the Vertalo platform (subject to a qualifying event)

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