• Dave Hendricks

    Dave Hendricks

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • William Baxter

    William Baxter

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Gautam Gujral

    Gautam Gujral

    General Counsel & Co-Founder

  • Blake Richman

    Blake Richman

    VP Finance

  • Nolan Aguirre

    Nolan Aguirre


  • Tenor Biel

    Tenor Biel


  • Allan Chiulli

    Allan Chiulli

    VP Growth

  • Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown

    VP Systems Integration

  • Collin Sellers

    Collin Sellers

    Director, Client Success

  • Katie Campisano

    Katie Campisano

    Head of PR

  • Gary Brandeis

    Gary Brandeis

    President, Vertalo Real Estate

  • Dylan Rhodes

    Dylan Rhodes

    Content Marketing

  • Marc Paquin

    Marc Paquin

    Client Success

  • Alec Beckman

    Alec Beckman

    Business Development


  • David Johnston

    David Johnston

    Blockchain Expert

  • Nisa Amoils

    Nisa Amoils


  • Ed Zimmerman

    Ed Zimmerman

    Legal (Corporate, Offerings, Regulatory)

  • Travis Oliphant

    Travis Oliphant


  • Arul Murugan

    Arul Murugan

    Security Tokens

  • Brian Smiga

    Brian Smiga

    Investor Relations

  • Karthik Srinivasan

    Karthik Srinivasan

    Finance, Operations

  • Alexandra Damsker

    Alexandra Damsker


  • Shruti Gandhi

    Shruti Gandhi

    End User Discovery

  • Stefan Dunatov

    Stefan Dunatov


  • Ichiro Minamikawa

    Ichiro Minamikawa

    Business Development

  • Josh Baer

    Josh Baer


  • Matthew McGowan

    Matthew McGowan

    Marketing Technology

  • Michael Fahey

    Michael Fahey

    Legal (Corporate)

  • Tim Reynders

    Tim Reynders

    Business Development


  • Sputnik atx
  • Ten capital group
  • Yeoman capital
  • Hapstead park capital
  • Next coast ventures
  • Shasta ventures
  • 11 11 ventures
  • Array vc
  • Capital factory

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